The 9th Matteo golf day raised £14,375.25
The 9th Matteo golf day raised £14,375.25

All about Matteo

Matteo was born in May 2010 and was diagnosed with a congenital cataract, this effects around 200 children every year. Our local hospital told him that he should not have the cataract removed but told us to go away and do our homework on his condition.

Monica (my wife) and me walked out of the hospital which can only be described as "being hit by a bus"

We spent hours on Google finding different results and decided to get a 2nd opinion.

A good friend of mine gave me details of one of the UK's top eye surgeons called Ken Nischal.

I emailed Ken about our concerns and ten minutes later Ken rang me back, telling me he disagreed with the other consultants findings. We were told to bring Matteo to Great Ormond St the following Tuesday for a day of tests and he would operate the following Thursday and thats excatly what happened!

The cataract was successfully removed, Matteo's prescription was +28 so he came home with a pretty thick pair of glasses.

This is where the aftercare started, at first Matteo was on 6 different eye

drops, 3 times a day for the next few weeks until eventually we whittled it

down to just 4 a day.

He also wore a patch over his good eye for 5 hours daily.


At the beginning of 2011 we noticed that the pupil had turned into the shape of a rugby ball, which is fairly common after the removal of a cataract.


Mr William Moore (who is now Matteo's consultant) operated in January 2011 but unfortunatly this needed to be physically reshaped so Matteo underwent his 3rd operation in April 2011.


Matteo was patched until he was just over 4 years old. Unfortunatly his eye never got any stonger and so patching was stopped. His vision is almost zero in his bad eye but thankfully his other eye is very powerful so this does help him.


In October 2018 Matteo was discharged from GOSH, as the eye had not got any better over the past two years and there was nothing more the hospital could do!


June 2010 
Matteo's first operation was at just at 4 weeks. The brain will close the eye down in less than 6 weeks if surgery is not carried out.

This is Matteo after his 1st operation, after the cataract had been removed.


April 2011

Matteo's 3rd operation was to reshape the pupil. This was also corrected in January 2011 but needed more corrective surgery, resulting in an third operation.

Matteo with his older brother Marco in 2019
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